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  • 45th Anniversary T-shirts

    45th Anniversary T-shirts

    To celebrate the 45th anniversary of our school, designs by 6B Lau Pak Wang Stephen and 5B Leung Yan Tung have been adopted to make the 45th Anniversary T-shirts. You …Read More »
  • 「曾記」達人挑戰


    During the special vacation, a Hong Kong Geography online quiz has gone viral along with different other themes of online quizzes. To test students’ understanding of SKHTST, the Students’ Union …Read More »
  • Sing Your Stories Singing Contest

    Sing Your Stories Singing Contest

    The Students’ Union, Chinese Society, English Society and Putonghua Club jointly held “Sing Your Stories Singing Contest” on 20th December 2021. Students and teachers could enjoy the wonderful singing performances …Read More »
  • Christmas eCard Service

    Christmas eCard Service

    To celebrate Christmas, the Student’s Union has designed and uploaded four different beautiful Christmas eCards. Students could download or print out them to send their regards to their friends or …Read More »
  • 心靈加油站


    During the first term examination, the Student’s Union held the activity 心靈加油站. Some heartwarming letters were written respectively to students in different forms. They were put up on a board …Read More »