2016-17 Fawkes

「Fawkes」源自《哈利波特-消失的密室 》電影中一隻鳳凰,Fawkes流下的淚水可以治癒人的傷口,正好與本閣致力以汗水和心血幫助校內每一位同學的理念相符。最後,那鳳凰化為灰燼,新的鳳凰藉此誕生,寓意本閣完成了使命後,為同學效力的精神亦會承傳下來。

The name of our cabinet, Fawkes, originates from the phoenix from the novel Harry Potter. According to the novel, the tears of Fawkes the phoenix can heal wounds. That’s precisely why we call ourselves Fawkes. We serve every one of our schoolmates with blood and tears. The rebirth of Fawkes perfectly signifies that our immortal spirit will be perpetuated even after we finish our service.