2022-2023 Elpis 曙曦

第三十六屆學生會 Elpis 曙曦 Elpis,在希臘文中是希望的意思。曙,即是曙光;曦,即是晨曦,兩者均是黑暗中的第一束光,給予人希望。 希望是一種信念,我們會持著這種信念去服務同學,和同學一起在逆境中創造美好的校園回憶。

2021-2022 Pentas

The 35th Students’ Union: Pentas is a flower having 5 petals. Each petal stands for faith, hope, kindness, justice and peace respectively while representing our five cabinet members. We have chosen this name as we hope to spread positivity among our schoolmates and support them when they face difficulties. Students’ Union | Introduction President 5E […]

2020-2021 逸曌Helius

The 34th Students’ Union: The word Helius represents our goals. During these turbulent times, we would like to bring every rising star in TST together, by shepherding the juniors to explore the new school environment and accompanying the seniors to encounter every challenge in their school lives. In short, we are going to devote all […]

2019-2020 Pyxis

The 33th Students’ Union Pyxis is a constellation in the northern sky, symbolising a mariners’ compass. As the name conveys, we would like to link and enhance the cohesion between the school and our schoolmates, bring hope to them, shepherd them to pick their right paths, and accompany them to reach their life goals. Students’ […]

2018-2019 Pharos

第三十二屆學生會 Pharos 本內閣的名字“Pharos”,是英語中燈塔的意思。 我們這名字的寓意,在於寄望學生會能像燈塔一樣發光發亮,發揮凝聚同學、連繫學校與同學的作用。 對於低年級的同學,我們希望像矗立在汪洋大海之中的燈塔一樣,引領他們融入曾肇添的環境,建立對學校的歸屬感;對於學校較年長的同學,我們希望能像一盞照亮四方明燈,陪伴他們度過學習生活中的大小挑戰,享受校園生活。 本閣的口號 ‘Light your way, night and day’,意指我們不分晝夜、環境,都始終秉持着燃亮同學前路的目標,期望同學在往後遇到不同挑戰時都能以學生會為其後盾。 Pharos, more usually called lighthouse or beacon, emits light to navigate the ships sailing on the sea. Our name reveals our ultimate goal: brightening and enlightening our fellow schoolmates.

2017-2018 Sidereal

第三十一屆學生會候選內閣 Sidereal Sidereal 源始於 sidereal time, 意思是地球環繞恆星轉動一週的時間,如果有幸當選,我們希望在我們的有限的任期內,圍繞著每位的同學,盡我們所能為同學服務。 而地球不會的停止自傳寓意即使本閣的任期結束,但為同學效力的理念亦會承傳下去。 Instagram: sidereal_skhtst

2016-17 Fawkes

「Fawkes」源自《哈利波特-消失的密室 》電影中一隻鳳凰,Fawkes流下的淚水可以治癒人的傷口,正好與本閣致力以汗水和心血幫助校內每一位同學的理念相符。最後,那鳳凰化為灰燼,新的鳳凰藉此誕生,寓意本閣完成了使命後,為同學效力的精神亦會承傳下來。 The name of our cabinet, Fawkes, originates from the phoenix from the novel Harry Potter. According to the novel, the tears of Fawkes the phoenix can heal wounds. That’s precisely why we call ourselves Fawkes. We serve every one of our schoolmates with blood and tears. The rebirth of Fawkes perfectly signifies that our […]