To sharpen our vision for quality education, many facilities, on top of the standard provision, have been installed. They comprise the Reading Lounge, Student Activity Centre, two Multimedia Learning Centres, Chapel, Counselling Room, Conference Room, Exhibition Corner, etc. The construction of Tsang Wing Hing Lecture Theatre was completed in April 2018. With the advanced Hi-Fi, lighting and LED screen wall, the Lecture Theatre will in no doubt provide a comfortable environment for students to explore a new way of learning. The Multimedia Learning Centres help students develop proficiency in information and communication technology, enabling them to be self-access learners.

To complement our learning environment, the School Library operates on a fully computerized system. The well-appointed Reading Lounge adds comfort to students keen on reading. All classrooms and special rooms have been equipped with LCD projectors and desktop computers networked and linked to the Internet. In addition, through the Quality Education Fund Projects, the cutting edge of information and communication technology and multimedia capabilities have been brought to bear on the teaching of various disciplines, advancing the quality of teaching even further. The Liberal Studies Resource Centre has been established to facilitate the teaching and learning of Liberal Studies.

The new annex fitted with state-of-the-art facilities creates an ambience in which students can develop various generic skills. Notably, the covered playground housing the two-storey high volleyball court plus full length murals of students’ artwork attest to our rich campus life.

The Campus TV provides English broadcasts regularly, which give students from each class ample opportunities to unleash their creativity and express their views on current affairs. IT Prefects also give technical support to students. Every year, over 80 Form 1 students are trained to be hosts of broadcast programmes. All these add up to a fruitful and colourful learning environment. With the brand-new decorations at the back, the Lecture Theatre continues its role as a learning venue for our students.

本校致力提供理想的學習環境,除標準校舍設備外,另有展覽閣、優越書房、學生活動中心、多媒體學習中心、宗教活動室、輔導室、教師會議室等設施,並在本年度興建了曾永馨演講廳。禮堂及所有課室均裝有空調,而學校圖書館亦以電腦系統運作,以配合教學發展。現時全校課室及特別室已安裝液晶體投射器、屏幕、桌面電腦及網絡系統,並設有通識教育資源中心,而多媒體學習中心的電腦設備也已進行更新,學校設備更完善,令教學質素得以進一步提升。新建成的曾永馨演講廳提供約110個座位,較一般課室多出數倍,座位採劇院規格,方便進行各類演講、授課、會議或表演,為學生提供一個更理想的學習及表演場地。演講廳安裝了無線上 網設備、大型屏幕及4K拍攝器材。表演以外,亦可作校園電視台作節目廣播之用,讓學生的創意、演藝和影視製作等才華得以進一步拓展和發揮。此外,本校獲得政府資助,改善校舍,新翼大樓設施包括標準課室、大型電腦輔助教學室、小聖堂、廣播室、有蓋排球場、多用途室、學生活動室等。本校新設了社工輔導室,提供舒適的環境,讓同學可以透過跟老師和社工傾談、閱讀心靈書籍及玩玩小遊戲,紓緩身心壓力。為了改善課室內的空氣質素,本校在中一課室增設了鮮風機,確保室內有足夠的新鮮空氣,為學生們提供一個更舒適的學習環境。