This year, our Chemistry students have participated the Chemists Online Programme  organized by the Education Bureau. We have obtained exceptionally good results. We have totally obtained 21 Platinum, 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 11 Bronze awards. The 21 Platinum awardees are as follows:

LAU Yik Lun (F.5D), CHAN Cheuk Yin (F.6C), CHOI Man Cheong (F.6C), HUNG Wing Ki (F.6C), KWAN Pak Ki Felix (F.6C), TANG Hiu Tung (F.6C), TING Tsz Hin (F.6C), WONG Wai Kei (F.6C), LAU Kwun Ming (F.6D), CHAN Man Ho (F.6E), CHOI Ting Chi (F.6E), LAU Priscilla (F.6E), LAU Tung Yu (F.6E), LEUNG Shun Kwan (F.6E), LI Cheuk Yan (F.6E), LO Chak Chiu (F.6E), LUK Man Ho (F.6E), MA Cheuk Long (F.6E), SHOW Chung Hin (F.6E), TSOI Shui King (F.6E), and WONG Akina (F.6E)