Sin Tsz Yin Daniel (6E) is the first HK student to complete Computer Science 1 (CS1) to CS6 courses using the CodeCombat online platform and was invited by Caprikon Education to be one of the guest speakers to share his play-and-learn experience on the CodeCombat platform and his own coding experience in the event “Hour of Code HK” held on 30 Aug 2020.  Here are some excerpts from YouTube which were recorded live during his sharing:

Introduction of Daniel Sin (6:09 – 7:46) [1 minutes 37 seconds]

Introduction of CodeCombat platform, Daniel’s initial coding experience, difference between block-based programming and text-based programming, some hints for adapting to text-based programming, more detailed sharing of playing experience on the CodeCombat platform and the CodeCombat quest
(26:36 – 47:15) [10 minutes 39 seconds]

Sharing of Daniel’s coding experience, a Telegram bot for playing the UNO game playing multiple cards at the same time
(47:16 – 50:23) [3 minutes 7 seconds]

Sharing regarding Daniel’s future career plan
(50:24 – 51:27) [1 minute 3 seconds]

Q&A: For text-based programming language, is it really necessary to change from Pascal to Python, etc.?
(55:25 – 57:00) [1 minute 35 seconds]

Q&A: How to strike a balance between the academic time and leisure time as a secondary student studying in a band-one secondary school?
(57:05 – 58:00) [55 seconds]

Q&A: Daniel did an excellent job with support from parents, teachers and Dylan. Do you also have your own learning circle at school, with a group of classmates (from same school / others schools such as Hour of Code), for supporting you in your nice coding journey?
(1:00:02 – 1:01:22) [1 minute 20 seconds]