Form 5 Biology students joined a field study activity called “Coastal Ecologists” organised by the World Wide Fund (Hong Kong) on July 12, 2023. Students went to Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park and learnt field study skills on the beach and at the rocky shore.


After the outdoor survey, students visited the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Life Centre. They attended a workshop to learn about the importance of preserving the Marine Park in Hong Kong and the ecology of the coral community. Afterwards, the students had an opportunity to ride on a glass-bottomed boat and travel offshore to observe the corals and their habitats in the Marine Park.


Most students strongly agreed that the activity enriched their knowledge about relationship of organisms and their interactions with the environment and extended their horizons in different areas of biological and environmental studies. They also acquired some skills in ecological field studies.

Students have become more aware of the precious gifts of the natural environment after the field trip. They also expressed that they would like to take the initiative to protect the environment in their daily lives, and be committed to reducing waste and pollution to the ocean.