We are thrilled to announce the remarkable success of our 45th anniversary drama, “Bliss Simulator”《幸福模擬戲》, which was staged on 16th July 2023. Under the direction of Ms Lai Yan Chi and our teacher, Mr. Chan Yat Ki, this captivating production showcased the struggles and aspirations of today’s youth.

The original script beautifully unfolded the challenges faced by young individuals in their pursuit of personal goals. Each scene was brought to life with the heartfelt performances of our talented cast, accompanied by original songs and background music composed by our very own alumni and students. These captivating elements left a lasting impression on everyone in the audience.

“Bliss Simulator” provided an immersive theatrical experience, inviting the audience to reflect on the powerful message of courageously following our dreams. The performance resonated deeply with spectators, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

We take immense pride in the incredible success of our show, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to the entire cast, crew, and production team for their dedication and hard work. Their commitment and talent truly brought the story to life, mesmerising and inspiring all who attended.