Principal Wang Yu Tai, Jaxon, Mr. Wong Kin Wa and Medalists in TST


Form 5 students participated in the Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2017, organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Students performed excellently in the competition. 11 Medals (top 2% of candidates) in Biology, 1 medal in Physics and Chemistry respectively, and 32 High Distinctions (top 15% of candidates) in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics were awarded in our school. Congratulations to all awardees!

Lists of awardees are as follows.

Medal in Biology:
Lau Ching Sze (5B), Chung Nga Man (5C), Tam Suet Wing (5C), Kwok Yu Ho (5D), Ting Tsz Hin (5D), Chung Tin Wing (5D), Chan Ho Wai (5E), Chan Ming Chak (5E), Cheung Ho Wun (5E), Tsang Cheuk Fung Gordon (5E), Wong Po Kwan (5E)

Medal in Physics:
Ma Chun Hin (5E)

Medal in Chemistry:
Chan Ming Chak (5E)

High Distinction in Biology:
Yu Wing Hin (5B), Ho Ching Shan (5D), Suen Suk Man (5D), Chin Sze Long (5E), Lai Yin Nam (5E), Lam Chun Lok (5E), Tsang Kairos (5E), Fung Yuen Ching (5E), Ho Hei Lam (5E), Kan Wing Chiu (5E)

High Distinction in Physics:
Chui Chun Fung (5D), Kan Ho Hung (5D), Lam Ho Chit (5D), Ting Tsz Hin (5D), Wong Chun Yu (5D), Chan Ho Wai (5E), Chan Ming Chak (5E), So Lok Hin (5E)

High Distinction in Chemistry:
Tam Suet Wing (5C), Kwok Yu Ho (5D), Yuen Lok Cheung (5D), Chan Tsz Nam (5E), Cheung Ho Wun (5E), Choi Wing Hei Raymond (5E), Leung Yick Kiu Keith (5E)

High Distinction in Mathematics:
Suen Suk Man (5D), Chan Ho Wai (5E), Cheung Ho Wun (5E), Chin Sze Long (5E), Lam Chun Lok (5E), Ma Chun Hin (5E), Tsang Cheuk Fung Gordon (5E)