70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Results (2018-19)
(English Events)

Thanks to all the coaches and members in the English Prose Reading Club, we saw commendable results this year.
Honorary Coach:
Mr TONG Kai Hong Anthony (our former principal)
Mrs TAM LEUNG Yen Ying
 Teacher Coaches:
Ms CHENG Yan Yan
Mr Gregory John McLEOD
Ms HO Yuet Han
Ms TSOI Ka Yan
Mr WAI Hin Fung
 Alumni Coaches:
Ms CHEUNG Ho Yan Yammy
Mr CHOW Yin Hong Carlos
Mr HEUNG Yui Kong
Ms LI Nim Yan Melody
Mr WAN Pui Hin Herman
Ms TANG Hei Nam Zoe
Volunteer Coach:
Ms WONG Monnie
Total Number of Champions: 3 (Total Number of Prized Participants: 5)
Total Number of First Runner-ups: 8 (Total Number of Prized Participants: 10)
Total Number of Second Runner-ups: 5 (Total Number of Prized Participants:5)
Total Number of Prizes:  16 (Total Number of Prized Participants: 20)
Total number of entries:  61 (Total men-times: 65)
Junior(F.1-3) men times:  30
Senior(F.4-6) men times:  35


The names and prizes of the participants