Congratulations to our Career and Life Planning (CLP) Team (2018-19) on being conferred the Bronze Award in the Life Planning Education and Career Guidance Program Design Award 2019 by the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters & Guidance Masters at its 60th Anniversary Celebration Activity.
Our F5 Career Oscars Project is an annual cross-curricular project between our CLP Team and the English Department. Besides aligning with the DSE English curriculum, the project is also a mentorship program whereby students interview alumni or other mentors on careers of their own choices. All F5 students divided into small groups will present and discuss their interview findings in English lessons with other subject teachers sitting in. Some groups are selected to share with all F4 students in Life Education lessons and with the whole school in hall Assembly, making CLP a whole-school activity.
Special thanks to the CLP Team and the English Department for their partnership throughout the years.
The presentation ceremony took place on Oct 25, 2019.