The Robotics and Engineering Team members participated in the Guinness World Record event called “Mass Robot Programming For New World Record 2021” organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

A new Guinness World Record, namely the Most People Programming Robots Simultaneously, was achieved by 554 participants at the Hong Kong Productivity Council at Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre on 22 August 2021.


Official participants of this Guinness World Record event:
Ho Man Chung (4D)
Li Cheuk Long (4D)
Law Yin Ching (3A)
Tong Chun Yin Samuel (3C)
Sum Hiu Lam Natalie (3D)
Zhang Man Kin (2A)
Cheung Sum Ying (2B)
Hung Pui Chee Jovy (2B)
Pan Sui Wang (2D)
Lee Yat Kiu Eunice (2D)