S.K.H.Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School
45th Anniversary Celebrations: Joint-school A.I. Autonomous Car Competition

A training workshop was conducted on 11 Feb, 2023, at our STEM & Innovation Centre, preparing students for the autonomous car competition. The workshop attracted a diverse group of students interested in robotics and automation, providing them with hands-on experience in designing and programming autonomous cars. It was conducted by a team of professional instructors, who provided valuable insights and guidance for the students. Participants learned the fundamental principles of autonomous car technology, including sensors, programming, and navigation. They were also granted the chance to apply this knowledge in practical exercises, testing their own autonomous cars.

On 25 Feb,2023, an AI autonomous car competition was successfully held in our school hall to promote innovation, collaboration, and healthy competition among students. The competition drew numerous talented students and teams from various schools. The participants demonstrated their cars’ abilities to navigate the track and follow predetermined paths, showcasing their programming and AI technologies. The competition was a resounding success, with many teams displaying impressive performance, problem-solving skills and creativity.

On school the event was an excellent opportunity for students to explore the exciting world of AI autonomous cars, interact with peers from different schools and learn from their experiences.