Congratulations to our alumni, MOK Chun Hei (6D, 2022-2023) and WONG Hei (6D, 2022-2023), for their outstanding achievement in receiving the Silver Award at the Hung Lung Mathematics Awards 2023. They were recognized for their exceptional research project titled “Least Optimal Square Packing in a Square.”

The original packing problem in a square involves finding the most efficient way to pack multiple squares within a larger square while minimizing the area of the larger square. MOK and WONG took on the challenge of tackling the problem “Least Optimal Square Packing in a Square”, which represents the “opposite” formulation of the original problem. Their objective was to determine the minimum area of the large square that would allow for the packing of all configurations of squares. They successfully devised an elegant formula to calculate the size of the large square and proved its validity, showcasing the inherent beauty of Mathematics.

Established in 2004 by Hang Lung Properties, the Hung Lung Mathematics Awards is a prestigious biennial mathematics research competition for secondary school students in Hong Kong. Over the past 20 years, this competition has attracted participation from more than 2,600 students representing over 200 local high schools. It has resulted in the production of more than 460 research papers, many of which have demonstrated academic proficiency at the undergraduate level.

MOK and WONG have been awarded a total of $120,000 as the Student Education Award to support their future studies whereas our school has been granted $60,000 as the School Development Award. Moreover, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology offers Educator Scholarships to teachers nominated by our school, enabling them to enroll in the Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators.

Once again, congratulations to MOK Chun Hei and WONG Hei for their remarkable achievement, and we are incredibly proud of their success.

Photos taken with Principal WANG Yu Tai Jaxon, teacher advisor Mr. CHEUNG Tin Yau, awardees MOK Chun Hei and WONG Hei in the award presentation ceremony on 19 December 2023 at Conrad Hong Kong.


A photo taken during the streaming of the presentation of MOK Chun Hei and WONG Hei.

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