• i-Learner English Online Reading Programme (English)

    Our warmest congratulations to the following students and classes on their excellent performance in the i-Learner English Online Reading Programme (English):   Top Form 1 students who scored the highest marks in November 2019 Ranking Class Name 1 1D TSANG SZE HANG 2 1A SUM HIU LAM NATALIE 3 1C HO MEI YEE   Top […]Read More »
  • 71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Results  (English Events 2019-20)

    71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Results (English Events 2019-20)

    Thanks to all the coaches and members in the English Prose Reading Club, we saw commendable results this year. Results Total Number of Champions: 3 (Total Number of Prized Participants: 3) Total Number of First Runner-ups: 4 (Total Number of Prized Participants: 4) Total Number of Second Runner-ups: 6 (Total Number of Prized Participants:7) Total […]
  • 第六屆沙田區傑出學生運動員選舉


    沙田婦女會義連班及沙田區傑出學生運動員協會舉辦「第六屆沙田傑出學生運動員選舉」,本校 6B班陳梓軒同學榮獲「傑出學生運動員獎」,他的專項為越野跑。
  • 第71屆香港校際朗誦節比賽


    本校中文粵語朗誦隊得獎名單如下:   5C 岑允祈 中學五年級粵語女子組詩詞獨誦 冠軍 5B 廖詠天 及 5C 岑允祈 中學五六年級粵語二人朗誦 冠軍 5E 單紫言 及 5E 麥天傲 中學五六年級粵語二人朗誦 冠軍 4B 蘇鉫詠 及 4C 柳凱喬 中學三四年級粵語二人朗誦 冠軍 2B 袁鈺穎 及 2B 黃穎晞 中學一二年級粵語二人朗誦 冠軍 2B 袁鈺穎 中學二年級粵語女子組散文獨誦 冠軍   3E 鄭智敏 中學三年級粵語女子組詩詞獨誦 亞軍 3E 鄭智敏 中學三年級粵語女子組散文獨誦 亞軍 1C 曾卓瑤 及 1C 葉采翹 中學一二年級粵語二人朗誦 亞軍   5E 單紫言 中學五年級粵語男子組詩詞獨誦 季軍 4A 袁綽君 及 4D 楊璧愉 中學三四年級粵語二人朗誦 季軍 4E 袁鈺楹 中學四年級粵語女子組散文獨誦 季軍 2B 黃穎晞 中學二年級粵語女子組散文獨誦 季軍 1B 陳展霖 中學一年級粵語男子組散文獨誦 季軍 1B […]
  • 2019 Australian National Chemistry Quiz

    2019 Australian National Chemistry Quiz

    Students of our school participated in this international Chemistry competition, Australian National Chemistry Quiz, jointly organized by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education. Our students obtained exceptionally good results. Class Name Award 5D 5D 6D 6D 6E Cheung Hoi Ki Shirley Tang King Long Chan Chin Hung […]
  • WESPA Youth Cup 2019

    WESPA Youth Cup 2019

    Fung Tsz Hin (5C) and Ho Fai Yeung (3A) represented Hong Kong in WESPA Youth Cup, one of the most recognized international youth Scrabble championships, held in Malaysia from 29 November to 1 December 2019.
  • Master Code Competition 2019

    Master Code Competition 2019

    Four secondary 3 students participated “Master Code Competition 2019 (Junior Group)” which is a mobile app authoring competition with the use of the Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) cognitive services organized by Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) and Microsoft Hong Kong.  They won the second runner-up. Project Theme:“AI Future School” Name of the app: Concept […]
  • Smart City Project Programme 2018/19

    Smart City Project Programme 2018/19

    Our students participated in the “Smart City Project Programme 2018/19” organized by the Education Bureau (EDB) and obtained the following good results: Outstanding Smart City Project Award (Junior Secondary Group) Project Theme:“Smart Environment” Project Title: Smarter STOP button and Intelligent Passenger Compartment Name of Awardees: Chung King Sum (3D) Seto Yiu Tung (3E) Fung Tsun […]
  • 2018-19 Computer App Programming(CAP)2019 Competition

    2018-19 Computer App Programming(CAP)2019 Competition

    20 students participated in the Computer App Programming(CAP) test of Computer App Programming(CAP)2019 Competition on 10 April 2019, organized by the Department of Computing of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Association of Computer Education (HKACE), co-organized by IEEE Hong Kong Section Computer Society Chapter.  The CAP test mainly mainly assesses the ability […]