Organized by : Academy for the Talented, The University of Hong Kong
Congratulations to Tang King Long, 5D (2019-2020) (3rd from left) accomplishing with “Best Student Enterpreneur Award” of “International Symposium on STEM Education 2019” co-organised by Academy for the Talented, the University of Hong Kong.


The four-day STEM symposium gives students a first-hand experience of the latest trends in technology, science and mathematics. Students are taught to consider issues from various perspectives and examine the connections between disciplines. The goal is to inspire participants to think across disciplines like artificial intelligence, financial technology, global health development, and design to tackle interconnected social problems and achieve “Innovation and Transformation for Better Living”.


Students work in groups to design a new concept, product, or service in response to a current issue of their choice. The event culminates in a group project presentation. Judged by academics and industry professionals, the winning project will receive awards and scholarships towards Academy programmes and internship opportunities offered by selected companies.