The inauguration of the Students’ Union (SU) was held on October 14, 2022, with Mr. TSANG Kai Kin Clinton, member of the Tsang family, being the Guest of Honour giving an inspirational address to the students.

Following the SU’s inauguration was the 45th Anniversary Launch Ceremony. Officiating guests at the ceremony included the IMC Chairman Professor CHAN Ho Yin Edwin, IMC member Mr. TSANG Kai Kin Clinton, IMC member the Revd IP Tsz Leung, Alumni Association Chairman Mr. FAN Shiu Pong, teacher representative Vice Principal Mr. LAM Chi Keung, PTA Chairperson Mrs. WONG Hung Mei Sin and newly elected SU Chairperson WONG Yuen Kei.

During the campus tour, our honourable guests were much impressed with the newly added facilities of the school, which included a Chinese Herb Garden, a coral conservation aquarium and a state-of-the-art STEM Room.