Let’s celebrate the victorious achievements of our Scrabble Team!

I) Association Cup 2023: Champions Once Again!

Congratulations to our remarkable Scrabble Team! In the Association Cup held by the Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association (HKSPA) on 15th July 2023, our six talented representatives emerged as the champions among a field of strong competitors. Let’s applaud the incredible efforts of 3C Lai Cheuk Hang, 3B Guo Chin Wang, 3E Liem Wing Ho, 4C Hui Tsz Hin, 3B Lau Tsz Him, and 6D Lee Sung Yat for their outstanding performance and the excellent coaching of our alumnus tutor Fung Tsz Hin.


In terms of individual achievements, 3B James Guo Chin Wang deserves special recognition for winning 4 out of 5 games. With an impressive +502 spread, he claimed the 3rd place and received the Most Valuable Player Award for our school.


We also commend 3B Carson Lau Tsz Him, who won 4 out of 5 games with a remarkable +470 spread, securing the 4th place.


II) The 7th Shatin Inter-School Scrabble Competition 2023: Unparalleled Success!

Our school’s participation in the 7th Shatin Inter-School Scrabble Competition 2023, organized by our school and the HKSPA on 22nd July, resulted in magnificent accomplishments in both the individual and team categories. For an astounding seventh consecutive year, our school claimed the team championship!

Individual Achievements:

– Individual Champion: 3E Liem Wing Ho
– Individual 2nd Runner-up: 6D Lee Sung Yat
– High Game: 4C Hui Tsz Hin
– Bingo Machine: 3B Guo Chin Wang, 3C Lai Cheuk Hang, 6D Lee Sung Yat
– Best Novice: 4C Yip Hau To
– Most Valuable Player in TST: 3E Liem Wing Ho

Let’s give a big round of applause to alumnus Ho Fai Yeung, 6D Lee Sung Yat, 3E Liem Wing Ho, 3B Guo Chin Wang, 4C Hui Tsz Hin, 6E Ng Tsz Pui, 3C Jiang Cheuk Hei, 3C Lai Cheuk Hang, 4B Lee Yat Kiu, and 4C Yip Hau To for their exceptional contributions to the team’s resounding victory.


This event provided an exhilarating experience for students from seven primary and secondary schools, as they joyfully engaged in Scrabble matches during the competition organized by our school and the HKSPA.


III) Hong Kong Scrabble Challenge 2023: Conquering New Heights!

In the internationally esteemed Hong Kong Scrabble Challenge 2023, held from 12th to 13th August by the HKSPA, our three talented students showcased their skills and competed against Scrabble players from around the world. We congratulate 4C Hui Tsz Hin and 3C Lai Cheuk Hang for their outstanding performance with the former securing the 1st runner-up position in Division B and the latter being the 2nd runner-up in Division C, as well as receiving the High Game Award.

(Left 4th in the last row) 3B Carson Lau Tsz Him competed against Scrabble players from around the world.


Let’s commend 4C Hui Tsz Hin for winning 4 out of 6 games, earning a well-deserved 1st runner-up position in Division B.


We applaud 3C Lai Cheuk Hang for winning 3 out of 5 games, securing the 2nd runner-up position in Division C.