A team of F.2-F.3 students participated in a Mathematics competition entitled “The 26th Hong Kong Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest” co-organized by the Hong Kong Youth Cultural & Arts Competitions Committee, Po Leung Kuk, and the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education.

The team won The Merit Award (團體優異獎) with team members including 2D YU Yui Chit, 2E CHOY Yi Ting Christine, 3C LIU Dong Wei, 3C NG Ka Tsun and 3D FUNG Ho Shun.

In the individual category, 3C NG Ka Tsun won the fourth place (殿軍), garnering the First Class Award (一等獎). 2D YU Yui Chit and 3D FUNG Ho Shun won the Second Class Award (二等獎). 3C LIU Dong Wei won the Third Class Award (三等獎).