Our school’s Scrabble team has achieved an exemplary triumph at the preliminary round of the territory-wide Inter-school Scrabble Competition, organized by the esteemed Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association on 4 May, 2024. This prestigious event, which drew the participation of 14 schools and 70 enthusiastic competitors, stands as one of the most significant Scrabble tournaments of the year.

Five of our most adroit representatives showcased their exceptional Scrabble prowess, propelling our school to the coveted championship title. Let us extend our heartfelt congratulations to Guo Chin Wang (3B), Lau Tsz Him (3B), Liem Wing Ho (3E), Hui Tsz Hin (4C), and Lee Sung Yat (6D) for their unwavering dedication and masterful gameplay. We would also like to extend our gratitude to alumni Fung Tsz Hin and Ho Fei Yeung for their stellar coaching and support.

Other than winning the Individual Champion, Liem Wing Ho (3B) also got the High Word Award while  Guo Chin Wang (3B) won the 1st runner-up.

This victory is a testament to our team’s talent, dedication, and collaborative spirit. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to their continued success in the upcoming final round of the competition in July.


A resounding victory at the Inter-school Scrabble Competition 2024 organized by the Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association