Date: 18-09-2002Subject: Actuarial Science
Speaker: Yick Tse Ling

Date: 20-09-2002Subject: Speech and Hearing Science
Speaker: Cheng Yin Fong

Date: 20-09-2002Subject: Psychology
Speaker: Mok Wing Sum, Chan Kit Ying, Wong Kwai Ling

Date: 23-09-2002Subject: Chinese Medicine
Speaker: Chan Kai Yin


Date: 27-09-2002Subject: Computer-Technical Systems Analyst
Speaker: Simon Chan

Date: 07-10-2002Subject: Accountancy
Speaker: Emily Cheng Tung Hung


Date: 07-10-2002Subject: Civil Engineering
Speaker: Andy Chan Chi Shan

Date: 08-10-2002Subject: Computer Science
Speaker: Tony Fung Wai Kit

Date: 15-10-2002Subject: Business Administration and overseas scholarship
Speaker: Jeff Lim Koon Wai

Date: 23-10-2002Subject: Chinese Medicine
Speaker: Chan Kai Yin

Date: 24-10-2002Subject: Surveying & Real Estate
Speaker: Lo Ming Yan & Wong Tsz Fung

Date: 29-10-2002Subject: Architecture
Speaker: Lam Chi Man

Date: 06-01-2003Subject: English Linguistics & English Literature
Speaker: Chan Hoi Wing & Tsang Tak Fai, Chris

參觀香港科技大學 (02-03)
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