• Dialogues with Accomplished Alumni (8 April, 2024)

    Many thanks to Mr. Ron CHAN Long Huen, an experienced pilot of easyJet, for sharing with our students his passion for aeronautics and his experiences as a pilot on 8 April 2024. The participating students gained valuable insights from hisRead More »
  • Dialogues with Accomplished Alumni (10 November, 2023)

    Many thanks to Ms Shannon Leung for sharing with our F.3-F.6 students a legal case she was involved in and her life journey in the legal profession on 10 November 2023. The participating students and our two alumni starting theirRead More »
  • Career Day 2024

    Organized by the SKHTST Career and Life Planning (CLP) Committee in collaboration with the Alumni Association (AA) Ltd, the Career Day 2024 was held on February 3, 2024. Our deepest gratitude and appreciation for 64 alumni speakers sharing careers insightsRead More »
  • Alumni Interview Workshop 2023

    To give our current F6 students practical experiences in interview skills and CV writing, the Career and Life Planning (CLP) Committee and the Alumni Association (AA) organised Interview Workshops on two consecutive Saturdays in December 2023. In Part One, alumnaRead More »
  • Career Day 2024 (Date: 3 February 2024)

    Join us for an exciting Career Day where alumni like you can make a meaningful impact on our current students by sharing your valuable knowledge, experiences, and expertise in various fields. We cordially invite you to participate and inspire theRead More »
  • F.6 Pre-DSE Talk by Career and Life Planning Committee on September 23, 2023

    84 F.6 parents and all F.6 students attended a Career and Life Planning (CLP) talk focusing on multi-pathways and predictive grades by CLP teachers on September 23, 2023 (Saturday) at the school hall. This year, speakers from five JUPAS institutions were invitedRead More »
  • F.5 Career and Life Planning Talk – Alumni Unveiling Journeys of Discovering their Future Paths

    At the beginning of the school year, all F.5 students attended a career and life planning talk focused on preparing for post-secondary studies. During the session, they gained valuable insights into enhancing their learning experiences, exploring their interests, and identifyingRead More »
  • 2022-2023 F.6 Graduates Destinations

    2022-2023 F.6 Graduates Destinations

    Total number of F.6 graduates 130 Total number of JUPAS applicants 130 Percentage of applicants with JUPAS / SNDAS degree programme offers 97.7% (127 out of 130) Percentage of graduates studying JUPAS degree programmes 87.7% (114 out of 130) PercentageRead More »
  • ARCH Community Outreach Careers Program 2022-2023

     Samuel Tong Chun Yin (F.5E) had the opportunity to participate in the ARCH Community Outreach Careers Program during his summer break in the year 2022-2023. This experience proved to be a remarkable learning journey for him, and he is eagerRead More »
  • 22-23 F.4 IA-Career Video-Mentorship Project “What is Success?”

     In its ninth year of implementation, the F.4 IA-Career Video Mentorship bonded all F.4 students with 35 alumni. Students in groups of three to five produced a video clip on an issue in a documentary or a drama. Deepest thanksRead More »