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Every year, the AA Ltd hosts a 30-min whole school assembly about careers and advice to the current students on how they can prepare themselves for the future. This year, there were 2 speakers sharing their insights.


Simon Wan Sai Man, graduating from CUHK (physics), topping it up with a Master in business there and an MBA in TsingHua University and having worked in publishing and business shared his inspiring observations of today’s employment trends. Simon has been a very experienced mentor of TSTers coaching our students in a RTHK Financial Quiz  4 years ago and helping them win HK$10,000, half of which has been ploughed back to TST. Simon was the first TST SU Chairperson and is now in the diamond industry.


Heung Yui Kong graduating in 1999 in F5 furthered his studies in the USA. From UCLA, he went to the UK and Japan for two Master courses. He is now a manager at a well known Japanese company. In the last three months, Heung was a coach in the English Prose Reading Club. His training at weekends had paid off. Out of five F6 prose readers, there were 2 champions, one second and one third in the 61 st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival.

Ko Suk Wa, the Chairperson of the AA Ltd introduced the speakers and the AA Ltd. She is now working in a most popular company selling household goods in HK and China.



校友出席週會 (22.1.10)
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