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Greatest thanks to our mentors who gave us many pieces of invaluable advice.

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YeungTak Wing CUHK IFAA JA4238
Leung Hin Cheng CUHK Medicine JA4501
Choi Sin Wa CUHK Pharmacy JA4525
Yu Yuk Sum CUHK Pharmacy JA4525
Yeung Annabelle Wing King CUHK M&IE JA4733
Lai Chun Yin CUHK Psychology JA4862
HuiKa Fung HKU Dental Surgery JA6107
Chan Cheuk Ming HKU MBBS JA6456
Chan Kwok Hei HKU MBBS JA6456
Ng Tsz Man HKU Actuarial Science JA6729
Choi Chun Him HKU BBA-Law JA6808
Tang Lok Yan HKU IBGM JA6896
Lee Man Yee HKU Science JA6901


EAS offers accepted by our 13 students F6 (2010-11) listed according to the Jupas codes.


EAS 午聚
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