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Amity “Walk for Living Water” March 17, 2012

130 current S1 to S5 students including our Scouts served as volunteers working alongside 50 alumni, parents, retired staff, current staff in Amity’s charity walkathon.

50 current students and 10 alumni participated in the Walk raising funds for China villages in building water sources.

Our school got a prize for “Most Enthusiastic Participating School”.

Teachers, alumni and students raised funds for one of the ambassadors of the Amity’s Walk, Charles Tai, a patient from the Red Cross Hospital Schools, a “Sister school” and partenr in our OLE.

Amity Walk for Living Water 2012_2_staff
Our former Principal Mr Tong, now the Executive Director at the Amity Foundation, Hong Kong, shouldering on the cause of water for China.

Amity Walk for Living Water 2012_3_Charles

Please click here to read the letter of gratitude from Charles Tai, the ambassador of Amity’s Walk for Living Water.

Amity Walk for Living Water 2012_4_ourvolunteers
Our student and alumnus volunteers were actively involved in the Walk.

Amity Walk for Living Water 2012_5_balloon
Some of our students learnt to create funny balloon figures for the young walkers.

Amity Walk for Living Water 2012_6_magician
Two of our students practised for weeks to become the assistants of the professional magician Chris Wong.

Amity Walk for Living Water 2012_7_cheering
Our cheerleading team showed their support to the Walkers.

Amity Walk for Living Water 2012_8_board
Our student helpers did a lot of preparatory work prior to the event.

Amity Walk for Living Water 2012_9_ourstudents
Many of our students joined the Walker as walkers to raise funds for Amity.


The Amity Walk for Living Water 2012 was successfully held last Saturday. Around 800 participants attended the event and more than HK$800,000 was raised.The money would be used to construct water systems in three Guizhou villages, providing safe drinking water for thousands of people.

Prize-winners in the Walk have opportunity to join other young people in visiting some water deprived villages in Guizhou.

Welcome to visit Amity’s webpage

Or find WALK’s photo album from Facebook “Amity Walk for Living Water”

From Flickr: Amity Foundation(Hong Kong)


*Walk so they(Guizhou villagers) would never thirst*


愛德基金會:活水行 2012
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