On 11 January 2019, 11 F.4 ICT students, 12 F.5 ICT students and their ICT teacher attended the event “ICT 創科體驗日(高中同學) – 物聯網科技顧問+參觀 Cisco HK” organized by HKU SPACE.
In the morning, they were briefed on some fundamental knowledge about Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF) and the career pathways of  the ICT industry by a HKU SPACE lecturer.
After that, students had some hands-on experience of using micro:bit, a board embedded with a processor and a few built-in sensors.
In the afternoon, they visited the office of Cisco HK, which is a multinational company developing, manufacturing and selling networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.
2 Cisco staff members introduce the the history and culture of their company.
After that, students were divided  into small groups  to experience a video conference held simultaneously at different conference rooms located on different floors
A current Cisco staff member, the Project Management Office Lead and an ex-Cisco employee (currently a Chief Architect developing Smart Cities stationing in China) joined in the video conference in different sessions to share with the students their career paths, job duties as well as their personal qualities  relevant to their previous and current jobs.
Here is the group photo including staff from Cisco HK and HKU SPACE
ICT 創科體驗日(高中同學) – 物聯網科技顧問+參觀 Cisco HK
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