Charity Walkathon by Amity Foundation, Hong Kong, “Walk for Living Water” (50 alumni, teachers, former staff, parents and Amity staff and volunteers mentoring 110 student volunteers and 50 student participants before and during the Walk).


Amity Walk 2014_1_01


Amity Walk 2014_2_02

Parents as walkers & staff volunteers:

Amity Walk 2014_3_03


Amity Walk 2014_4_04


Amity Walk 2014_5_05

Cheering Team:

Amity Walk 2014_6_06(2)

Volunteers selling fund-raising ducks:

Amity Walk 2014_7_07(1)

Stage managers volunteers:

Amity Walk 2014_8_08(3)

All girls in F4B manning the Food corner:

Amity Walk 2014_9_09

All F4B boys acting as judges in the “Strong Men Competition”:

Amity Walk 2014_10_10


Amity Walk 2014_11_11

Mentors (alumni, career mistress & former staff) and mentees working hand in hand:

Amity Walk 2014_12_12

愛德基金會:活水行 2014
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