Careers Day 2014
Careers Day 2014

Date: 15th November, 2014

Venue: School Hall and 1/F Classrooms

A big thank you to 140 alumni / parent speakers sharing careers insights with 600 F.4-6 students.

Careers Day 2014_2_DSC02812e(1).jpgOur principal Mr Wang gave a speech to all partcipants.

Careers Day 2014_3_Aviation(1).jpg
Our former principal Mr Tong , Career Mistress Mrs Tam and chairperson of AA.Ltd Mr Wan with four aviation speaker.

All doctor mentors and mentees with Career Mistress Mrs Tam .

Careers Day 2014_5_Lawyers_mentees(1).jpg
Four lawyer mentors and mentees with Career Mistress Mrs Tam.

Careers Day 2014_6_IMG_7384e.jpg
Interview techniques shared with students about interview skills. 

Careers Day 2014_7_IMG_7393e.jpg
Two architects shared with students about architechture.

Careers Day 2014_8_IMG_7386e(3).jpg
A lawyer mentor shared with students about law.

Careers Day 2014_9_IMG_4602.JPG
Two civil servants shared with students about civil service.

Careers Day 2014_10_IMG_4604.JPG
Three alumni shared with students about I bank.

Photos of alumni from different years

Careers Day 2014_15_IMG_7467e.jpg Careers Day 2014_14_IMG_7446e(1).jpg Careers Day 2014_13_IMG_7438e(1).jpg Careers Day 2014_12_IMG_7448e(1).jpg Careers Day 2014_11_IMG_7464e(1).jpg

Individual photos of alumni speakers

Careers Day 2014
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