Our student, Aries CHAN, Hung Hei F4C 2016-17, was selected to participate in the ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) Careers Program 2017. This programme was comprised of university preparation workshops (CV writing, personal statement drafting, mock interviews), pre-internship training, mentorship and industry exposure through summer internships or job shadowing opportunities, which provided students with guidance in achieving their imminent goals, specifically in relation to preparing them for university applications and subject choices.





A talk about university interview skills
an ACO alumni studying in the University of Cambridge sharing his insights



Bank of East Asia
Allen & Overy
Our student Aries having lunch with the solicitors from Allen & Overy
A sharing session by the cofounder of 9GAG , Start-Ups Hong Kong and Notey
Aries asking a question during the session
Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital
Goldman Sachs



Our student Aries Chan had a two-week internship in the Queen Mary Hospital (QMH). Aries had a chance to know more about the daily work of a doctor and gained deeper insights into the medical field. Besides, he was once given a precious opportunity to enter the operation theatre to watch the operation.

Aries (third from right) having job shadowing in QMH








ARCH Community Outreach Careers Program 2017
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