Congratulations to our school’s Mock Trial Team!

Eighteen of our F.4 and F.5 students joined the ARCH Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship on 13 to 14 April 2019, and have achieved commendable results.

After 2 days of intense competition, 4C Yeung Joy Qiu William came second as an Outstanding Barrister, among over 130 eloquent student barristers from 22 local and international schools. The list of all participating schools can be found here.

We are pleased to have snatched the 7th place in overall team results, among the 22 schools participating.

This is a group photo with our alumna, WONG Sui Wa Ruby (first from left), Vice Principal, Mrs Tam (third from left) and the teacher advisor, Ms Cheng (first from right).
Special thanks to our dedicated alumna coach, CHIANG Man Ching Melinda (first from right), currently a barrister. The group is heading to a celebration dinner.
Before the championship, alumni WONG Sui Wa Ruby and WONG Po Kwan Lester, who are past MT participants and currently university freshmen, came back to help.
Along with the help of Melinda, Lester and Ruby, no effort has the students spared in preparation for the Championship.


We are proud that many of our students have been elected as the Top Barristers and Top Witnesses in individual rounds, despite the strong opponents we faced.

Round Opponent School Top Barrister Top Witness
1 St. Paul’s Convent School 5C Chu Lai Ming, Rachel
2 La Salle College 4C Yeung Joy Qiu

5A Tang Hoi Tung

4B Lo Hon Yi Ivory

5E Mok Tsz Yan Katie

3 Chinese International School 5C Chu Lai Ming Rachel

5C Yu Kam Hei Thomas

4D Kwok Sheung Kai Sky

5C Tang Hiu Lam Chloe

4 Yew Chung International School 4C Yeung Joy Qiu William

4C Chan Ching Tung Natalie

5E Liu Cheuk Him Jason.

4B Lo Yan Yi Ivory

5C Lam Yin Yin Angel


Here are our intelligent and conscientious student barristers, who have impressed the judges and the other schools with their meticulous preparation and remarkable eloquency.
Our student witnesses were also sharp-witted performers who stood the intense interrogation from other schools and manipulated their own language to speak in favour of our side.


The Mock Trial Championship has been exhilarating and rewarding for every single participant. Here are only a few fabulous moments captured.

5C Rachel Chu is making her concluding speech as a barrister on the Defence Team.
Our prosecution barrister, 4C Natalie Chan, is prompting one of the witnesses, 5E Katie Mok, with skillfully-crafted questions.


Group photos after each round:

Round 1 – against St. Paul’s Convent School
Round 2 – against La Salle College
Round 3 – against Chinese International School
Round 4 – against Yew Chung International School


Congratulations to the team again, with our heartfelt gratitude to  Melinda, Lester and Ruby who spent their previous weekends to help the students!

Mock Trial Championship
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