Career Oscars, a cross-curricular project jointly organized by the Career and Life Planning Committee and the English Department, aims to enhance students’ knowledge about different careers and motivate them to take ownership of their career and life planning.

Theme Techniques for Effective Communication in the Workplace
Aim To inspire and motivate students to take steps to equip themselves for the working world by getting to know different techniques or means to achieve effective verbal and non-verbal communication in the workplace.
Tasks l   To do self-directed learning about the techniques or criteria for effective verbal or non-verbal communication in a chosen career field.

l   To record a video of a 3-minute individual presentation as practice for the SBA Individual Presentation (IP). The video is to be uploaded onto Google Classroom for teachers’ assessment and feedback.

l   To complete a follow-up writing task as reflections on the learning experience and  students’ own communication ability

Awards The best three oral presentations and the best three written essays of each class were awarded book coupons.

Book coupons were given to the Best Individual Presentations.

Class (2019-20) No. Name of Awardees
5A 5 Lam Kin Hei Elvis
5A 18 Charm Yi Ching
5A 20 Fung Sze Wan
5B 6 Hui Yuk Ning
5B 8 Lee Wai Hung
5B 9 Tsang Tsz Hin
5C 9 Yeung Joy Qiu William
5C 11 Cheung Ho Ching
5C 12 Chiu Hoi Tung Fiona
5D 4 Kwok Sheung Kai
5D 15 Mak Ho Hin
5D 16 Mak Ho Ting
5D 22 Chan Tsz Hei
5E 8 Hui Lap Yan
5E 10 Law Tsz Pan
5E 14 Mak Tin Ngo Oscar

Book coupons were also given to 15 students with insightful reflections in their essays.

Best insightful reflections (Click here to read the compositions written by the students)

Class (2019-20) No. Name of Awardees
5A 12 Tsui Pak Him
5B 5 Hui Yuk Ning
5C 5 Fung Tsz Hin
5D 4 Kwok Sheung Kai
5E 20 Yiu King Fung

Best essay (Second Prize)

Class No. Name
5A 2 Chung Ngai Ming
5B 18 Lai Hiu Laam Lancy
5C 22 She Tung Ching
5D 16 Mak Ho Ting
5E 21 Chau Hiu Yu

Best essay (Third Prize)

Class No. Name
5A 22 Ng Oi Yau Jacklyn
5B 29 Yeung Tsoi Yi
5C 22 She Ha Long
5D 22  Chan Tsz Hei
5E 28 Mo Cheuk Yu Siby
F5 English-CLP Project Career Oscars (2019-2020)