The Careers Team assists students in applying for scholarships and nominates students for awards.

Our student Chan Kwok Hei (F6B, 2010-11) awarded 8 Outstanding Student Awards

  1. Grantham Scholar of the Year(葛量洪獎學金)

– 24 best students territory wide (including 8 best students in NT)


  1. Hong Kong Outstanding Student Award (香港十大傑出學生)

– Youtharch 青苗基金主辦

– Top 10 students territory wide


  1. Outstanding Student Selection (十大傑出學生選舉)

– Yuen Long Junior Chamber (元朗青年商會)

– Top 10 students


  1. Shatin Outstanding Student Award (沙田十大傑出學生)

– Shatin Youths Association 沙田青年協會

– Top 10 students in Shatin



  1. Roundtable Outstanding Student Election (Roundtable沙田十大傑出學生)

– Roundtable Pioneers – a local think-tank (一個香港政策研究機構及智庫組織)

– Top 10 students territory wide


  1. 新界區優秀學生

– 新界青年聯會 舉辦

– 新界區十大傑出學生2011


  1. SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School “Outstanding Student Award 2010-11”
  1. Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarships for Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate Students 2011/12


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