Many thanks to Ms Shannon Leung for sharing with our F.3-F.6 students a legal case she was involved in and her life journey in the legal profession on 10 November 2023. The participating students and our two alumni starting their first year of studies in Law at the University of Hong Kong gained invaluable insights into the life of a barrister, as well as the death inquest of two brave firefighters in the tragic 2016 Mini Storage Fire that burned for over four days. It was such a privilege to hear from an insider about a significant court case.

A group photo with Ms Shannon Leung and her family
(from left to right) Vice Principal Ms Wong Wai Shan, Principal Wang Yu Tai Jaxon, Ms Shannon Leung, Head of Career and Life Planning (CLP) Committee Ms Lam Kit Shan and Deputy Head of CLP Committee Ms Cheng Yan Yan
Ms Shannon Leung has prepared a very informative presentation of her case to share with the young TSTers.
F.3 emcees are introducing Ms Shannon Leung to the audience.
(from left to right) Karena IP (Law student), Lawrence WONG (Law student), Former Vice Principal Mrs Anne Tam, Ms Cheng Yan Yan (Deputy Head of CLP Committee), Ms Lam Kit Shan (Head of CLP Committee), Ms Shannon Leung, Ms Wong Wai Shan (Vice Principal), Ms Fan Ho Yan (Advisor of Alumni Association ), Mr. Yuen Chin Ming (Career Teacher) and Mr. Tang Tsz Lun (English Teacher)
Dialogues with Accomplished Alumni (10 November, 2023)