ARCH Community Outreach Careers Programme 2014

Five students from our school were chosen from a pool of candidates of high caliber to participate in the ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) careers programme 2014. This programme was comprised of university preparation workshops (CV writing, personal statement drafting, mock interviews), pre-internship training, mentorship and industry exposure through summer internships or job shadowing opportunities, which provided students with guidance in achieving their imminent goals, specifically in relation to preparing them for university applications and subject choice.


ACO Students of our school (from left to right):

6B Wong Ka Ki

6B Wan Pui Hin (2013 ACO Alumnus)

6B Lee Man Hei

6D Yeung Alex Lok Hin

6E Yiu Ka Sang

6E Chan Lok Yee Venus


ACO Workshop:


Group Presentation Practice:

image3 image4

Corporate Workshop – Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital:

image5 image6image7

Corporate Workshop-Allen and Overy:


Corporate Workshop-Deloitte:

image9 image10

Corporate Bank of East Asia:

image11 image12 image13

ARCH Community Outreach Careers Programme 2014
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