Lester WONG Po Kwan awarded a Best Barrister Prize

Lester WONG Po Kwan F5E was chosen as one of the 10 Best Barristers in the whole Mock Trial among 144 barristers in 24 schools. Each of our two teams won a trial in four trials during a 2-day intensive trials at HKU from April 29 to 30, 2017.

Conferred Mr. Justice Harris Award
Mr. Justice Harris Award

Our school was also conferred “The Honourable Mr. Justice Harris Award” as the school best exemplifying “the ideals of Civility, Respect and Justice while maintaining a competitive spirit”.

Nine F4 and eight F5 students participated in a 3-month Saturday course conducted by an alumna, a barrister, Melinda CHIANG Man Ching, and an alumna Ms CHENG Long Ching, a PCLL graduate training to be a barrister. They trained our current students for the Mock Trial and related its relevance to the real court trials.

Alumnus Herman WAN, a BA & Law student at HKU (a former ARCH ACO mentee) was one of the judges for other schools. Alumnus John NG, a BBA & Law undergraduate sitting in a session. Career Mistress Mrs Tam attending the event.
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Names of 24 competing schools
Inter-School Mock Trial in English (organized by ARCH Education)
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