In its third year of implementation, the F4 IA-Career VISTA Video Mentorship bonded all F4 students with 37 alumni in 35 different career fields chosen by students. Students in groups of five produced a video clip on an issue in a documentary or a drama.


Deepest thanks to the mentors (alumni list) of all 35 groups as they had done an excellent job in helping students to explore the issues of their own choice.


Alumni ambassador Kelvin Cheung Kai Fung introducing communication skills to all F4 students in Integrated Arts lessons.


Student winners were given book coupons by the Career Team.


Best Video: 鹹魚翻身by 4B Group 5
Alumni Mentor: Krystine Tsang
Group Members: CHAN Tsz Hin, CHENG Ho Man, AU Wing Tung, LAM Hui Ching, LAM Yuen Yan & MA Yin Ka
Award: Outstanding Performance Award (Senior Secondary Category) in the “Your Joyful Record” Video Competition, refer to school web:


Best Video: 劍擊女孩by 4CGroup 5
Alumni Mentor: Wong Tsan
Group Members: LAU Ho Wai, CHAN Chui Yi, FAN Yau, HUANG Jia Wen & WONG In Wai


Best Video: 尋迷by 4E Group 3
Alumni Mentor: Kenny Kung (Shatin Church)
Group Members: LEE Cheuk Yin, LI Cheuk Yeung, POON Hoi Fung & YAN Tak Po Jonathan


Merit: 復仇by 4A Group 6
Alumni Mentor: Paul Lau
Group Members: CHAN Lok Wang, CHOW Kwan Chun, KWOK Sze Lam, WOO Sze Lam & YUEN Him Ching


Merit: 傾訴才能釋懷by 4B Group 1
Alumni Mentor: Cheuk Ming Lai
Group Members: CHEUNG Wai Chung, CHUNG Po Chun, WAN Tsun Tim, WONG Kwun Hei & YEUNG Kin Nam


Merit: 打不碎的玻璃瓶by 4B Group 2
Alumni Mentors: Mui Yen Chung & Cyril Chu
Group Members: YEUNG Tin Long, CHAN Tsz Wan, CHANG Sum Yu, KONG Pui Shuen & LEE Yee Lam


Merit: 帶刺的玫瑰總有開花的一天by 4B Group 7
Alumni Mentor: YIP Wai Man
Group Members: AU Chak Hon, HUI Yin Pui Jason, HUNG Hiu Tung, LO Hon Yi & YIM Mei Suet


Merit: 運動動出來by 4D Group 1
Alumni Mentor: Dennis Chung
Group Members: CHAN Kwan Ming, TSANG Pak Shing, WONG Cheuk Hei & WONG Man Tik


Merit: 求存by 4D Group 4
Alumni Mentor: Colin Kwan
Group Members: CHANG Chun Chi, LAM Ka Hei Terence, LO Ho Yiu Bryant & SO Chin Pang


Merit: 面具by 4E Group 1
Alumni Mentor: CHENG Wai Ho
Group Members: CHENG Koon Hang Henry, CHUNG Ka Lung, LIU Yee Mei & NG Wai Man



16-17 F4 IA-Career VISTA Video-Mentorship Project
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