The Career and Life Planning Team was invited by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to give a workshop to parents about Career and Life Planning (CLP) in our school on Oct 21, 2017 from 10 a.m. to noon.


The Career Mistress Mrs Tam Leung Yen Ying and the Deputy Career Mistress Ms Wong Wai Shan gave talks on CLP principles and implementation. Following was a sharing of past experiences in preparing for CLP and DSE by our alumna Li Tsz Yan and her parent Mrs Li. Alumnus Eddy Cheung Yu Yeung then shared how he chose his career through ECAs and OLEs in his junior and secondary school years. Concluding was Alumnus Kevin Yiu Ka Sang sharing how he tapped on internal and external resources for financial subsidies and mentorship at our school in his career and life planning.


The workshop was well attended by 120 parents and 3 PDS Partner Schools Career Teachers from Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Secondary School, Carmel Pak U Secondary School and Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School. [Professional Development Scheme (PDS) ]


Career Mistress Mrs TAM LEUNG Yen Ying
Deputy Career Mistress Ms WONG Wai Shan
Alumna LI Tsz Yan and her parent Mrs LI
PTA Teacher Adviser Ms MA Wai Ling
Alumnus Kelvin Yiu Ka Sang
Alumnus Eddy CHEUNG Yu Yeung



PS Career Teachers with Career Mistress Mrs Tam (third from right) and Deputy Career Mistress Ms. Wong Wai Shan (second from right)



Oct 21, 2017 Career and Life Planning Talk for PTA
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