To prepare for our school’s 45th Anniversary Carnival, thirty-nine F.3 to F.5 students including F.3 class representatives, House representatives and Career and Life Planning (CLP) Ambassadors attended the Entrepreneurship Education Program – This is FUTURE conducted in four 2-hour sessions organized by our alumnus Mr. Sunny TANG, the founder of FutventureLab Limited and Director of the Program from February to March, 2023. The teaching team consisted of Mr. Sunny TANG and Mr. Felix FUNG as well as other assistant coaches including Miss Niki HUI, Mr. Kenny MOK, Mr. Tommy AU-YEUNG and Mr. Marco LAM. Through various student-centred, experiential learning and social emotional learning activities, students experienced entrepreneurship education inspiring them in their booth design for the Carnival.

On March 18, 2023 (Saturday), the participants gave their final pitching in either English or Cantonese on their booth design. We were honoured to have Dr. Lawrence Ma Ka-yin (Lecturer from the Department of Psychology, Education University of Hong Kong), Mr. Sunny TANG, Mrs. Anne TAM (Former Vice Principal) and Mr. CHEN Yat Hang (CLP Teacher) as the judges. All judges were impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and creativity. Based on the valuable feedback from judges and peer reviewers, the students would be fine-tuning their ideas for the booths on April 1, 2023 when they would be given further feedback from the actual implementation of their ideas.

The following awards were presented for the Pitching Round:

Champion F.3C
Best Innovation  F.3C
Best Team Spirit F.3A
Best Pitch Deck F.3D
Best Strategy F.3E
Best Presenter F.3E Zeng Tsz Tung 
(Front row, from left) Ms. Niki HUI (Assistant Coach from FutventureLab Limited), Ms. LAM Kit Shan (CLP Mistress), Mrs. Anne TAM (Former Vice Principal), Mr. Sunny TANG (Director of the Program), Dr. Lawrence MA (Department of Psychology, EdUHK), Mr. CHEN Yat Hang (CLP Teacher) and (Second row, first on the right) Mr. Felix FUNG (Coach from FutventureLab Limited)
Mr. Sunny TANG, Founder of FutventureLab Limited and Director of the Program

Students pitching their ideas
Dr. Lawrence MA giving students feedback
Judges working on the scores
Champion – F3C
Best Innovation – F3C
Best Team Spirit Award – F3A
Best Pitch Deck Award – F3D
Best Strategy Award – F3E
Best Presenter Award – F3E Zeng Tsz Tung
Alumnus volunteering to run an Entrepreneurship Education Program “This is FUTURE” for our students