At the beginning of the school year, all F.5 students attended a career and life planning talk focused on preparing for post-secondary studies. During the session, they gained valuable insights into enhancing their learning experiences, exploring their interests, and identifying the programs they aspire to pursue. The talk featured four alumni including:

Mr. HUI Chun Wai Brian (Year 1, Interdisciplinary Major Programme in Global Economics and Finance, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Ms. IP Ka Yan Karena (Year 1 Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) & Bachelor of Laws, The University of Hong Kong

Mr. MOK Chun Hei Moses (Year 1, Mathematics with Physics, The University of Cambridge)

Mr. YEUNG Yan Yat Isaac (Year 1, Natural Sciences, The University of Cambridge)

The alumni shared their personal journeys of discovering their areas of interest during their senior studies. Additionally, Moses MOK and Isaac YEUNG provided valuable tips on overseas university application.

The sharing session had a profound impact on the F.5 students, leaving them inspired and highly motivated. The firsthand accounts of the alumni provided invaluable insights and served as a source of encouragement for the students.

(from left to right) Mr. HUI Chun Wai Brian, Ms. IP Ka Yan Karena, , Mr. YEUNG Yan Yat Isaac, and Mr. MOK Chun Hei Moses
The alumni provided firsthand insights into their pursuit of personal interests
(from left to right) Advisor of Alumni Association Ms. FAN Ho Yan, Chief Advisor of the Alumni Association Ms. HO Wai Yin, Mr. HUI Chun Wai Brian (Alumnus), Ms. IP Ka Yan Karena (Alumna), Mr. YEUNG Yan Yat Isaac (Alumnus), Mr. MOK Chun Hei Moses (Alumnus), Ms. CHAN Tsz Ching Debbie (Alumna), Vice Principal Ms. WONG Wai Shan and Career Mistress Ms. LAM Kit Shan
F.5 students being reminded to embrace the new academic year and plan ahead
F.5 Career and Life Planning Talk – Alumni Unveiling Journeys of Discovering their Future Paths