Two F6 (2014-15) students from our school (F5D KWAN Pak Ki Felix and F5E LAU Priscilla) were selected to attend the five-day-program, named Summer Clinical Attachment Programm in the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK during the summer holiday 2015.


Day 1 Morning

An introductory lecture in a lecture theatre of the Prince Of Wales Hospital when the six-year-course of medical curriculum was introduced to the students.


Day 1 afternoon

Students attended a workshop in which they were taught how to wear surgical gowns as well as apply aseptic techniques.


Day 1 afternoon

image3 image4


Day 2 – Day 3
A total of 160 students were divided in group of 2 (80 groups) and atttended the Doctor Shadowing Session showing how doctors work in various sub-specialities, including internal medicine, gernal surgery, cardoithoracic surgery, oncology, etc. Students were able to gain insights of the daily routine of government doctors.


Day 2 morning

A photo with Professor Dennis Lo after his lecture. He shared his experiences of detecting fetal DNA in the plasma of a pregnant mother by using the male chromosome as a marker in 1997.


Day 3 night

During the lecture of Professor TF Fok, a professor of pediatrics, introducing medical dilemmas when treating patients, students were asked to discuss some controversial issues.


Day 4 was cancelled due to typhoon >_<


Day 5 morning (group presentation)

image7 image8
Students taking turns to present their ideas in groups.

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