14 senior students joined the work experience opportunities provided by EDB. They were granted 2 to 4 days’ release from school to join the programme. Various industries were available and students selected their interested fields. Through this experience, they have gained some authentic work experience and better understanding of the fields they are interested in.

4E Lai Wing Yee and 4E Tsoi Tsz Ying preparing for a competition in a design company.


5B Yeung Kam Yin presenting for an in-house training session.


5E Lai Hiu Laam and 5E Wong Mei Ling working in a dental clinic.


6B Man Ho Yan learning how to serve the customers in buying tickets in a cinema.


6C Hon Tsz Yan working as a helper in a photo-taking competition.
Work Experience Movement by EDB Business-School Partnership Programme 2017-18
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