Total number of F.6 graduates: 141

Total number of JUPAS applicants: 140

Total number of JUPAS offers: 138 (98.6%)

Breakdown of JUPAS offers: degree programs: 96.4%; sub-degree programs: 3.6%

Details as shown below:


Accepted JUPAS Degree Offers: 118 students

(84.3% of our 140 JUPAS applicants accepted offers)

2021-2022 F.6 Graduates Destinations

(Including accepted JUPAS offers and Non-JUPAS destinations)

19 students entered the University of Hong Kong
31 students entered the Chinese University of Hong Kong
13 students entered the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
27 students entered the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (29 JUPAS degrees)
15 students entered City University of Hong Kong
4 students entered Hong Kong Baptist University
1 student entered Lingnan University
2 students entered the Education University of Hong Kong (2 JUPAS degrees)
6 students entered Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors
( 6 JUPAS degrees)
1 student entered the Tung Wah College (non-JUPAS degree )
1 student entered the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (non-JUPAS sub-degree)
2 students entered the Hong Kong Community College ( 2 non-JUPAS sub-degrees )
4 students entered the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education

(4 non-JUPAS sub-degrees )

1 student entered the University of Wollongong Hong Kong College
(non-JUPAS sub-degree)
1 student entered The College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University
(non-JUPAS sub-degree)
12 students study in non-local degree programmes
1 student study in local non-JUPAS sub-degree programme
141 students (140 JUPAS applicants and 1 non-JUPAS applicant)

These are the destinations:

Bachelor’s Degree: 131/141 (93%)

(UGC//government-funded :118/141, Self-financed: 1/141, Overseas: 12/141)

Others (AD/HD/Diploma): 10/141 (7%)

(UGC//government-funded :0/141, Self-financed: 10/141, Overseas: 0/141)

2020-2021 F.6 Graduates Destinations