Samuel Tong Chun Yin (F.5E) had the opportunity to participate in the ARCH Community Outreach Careers Program during his summer break in the year 2022-2023. This experience proved to be a remarkable learning journey for him, and he is eager to share his thoughts and feelings with his schoolmates.

“I have learned and gained valuable experience through the ACO Careers Program. This program has provided me with the opportunity to visit various corporations in different sectors such as media, finance, medicine, academia, and smart farming. Additionally, I was offered a chance to work as an intern at a leading technology group for five days. During this internship, I learned more about finance, gained insights into how a company operates, and had the opportunity to interact with professionals from different fields such as game development, back-end development, design, and finance. Since joining this program, I have also learned how to write an impressive CV, excel in job interviews, and understand different perspectives on AI from individuals in various areas. I am grateful to ACO for providing me with a fulfilling summer experience.” (by 5E Samuel Tong Chun Yin)

Samuel Tong (the first one on the right in the 3rd row) and our alumnus Mr. Herman Wan (the first one on the left in the 3rd row)
Corporate workshop at SCMP

Corporate workshop at Smart Farming
ARCH Community Outreach Careers Program 2022-2023