On November 26, 2021, our alumnus Mr Michael CHUNG Wai Keung hosted an Interview Workshop (曲線訪問工作坊) for F4 students, teaching skills in interviewing alumni. After the Documentary Video-making Workshop (輕「形」拍片工作坊), it was the second part of the F.4 IA-Career Video Project co-organised by the Integrated Arts Department, the Career and Life Planning Committee and the Alumni Association Ltd. 35 representatives of F4 classes participated in the Workshop. The 35 groups will later interview alumni on the topic ”Indispensable Skills to Cope with COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges”.

Our deep gratitude to Mr CHUNG for teaching the students once again on the Project.

November 26, 2021, Interview Workshop (曲線訪問工作坊).
Mr Michael CHUNG conducting his talk.
F4 students taking pics of the powerpoint slides as notes.
Interview Workshop (曲線訪問工作坊)