Career Day 2023

Career Day 2021-22

Career Day 2018-19

Alumni at Annual Staff Lunch

Alumni Volleyball Matches
Opening of Time Capsule
Opening Ceremony of the 40th Anniversary Celebration Day
Head Table _ current staff
Head Table _ former staff in the 40th Anniversary Heart-to-Heart Alumni Dinner
Head Tables and Mr _ Mrs WONG Cho Lam in the 40th Anniversary Heart-to-Heart Alumni Dinner Rundown

The Alumni Association Assembly 2017-2018

Career Day 2017-2018

Sept 3, 2017 Alumni Manager Election

Annual Staff Lunch

聖公會曾肇添中學校友會群組 SKHTST Alumni Association Group

ARCH Mock Trial 2017
Career Teachers and alumni sharing at a talk “Parents’ roles in Career and Life Planning” for PTA
Alumni Sharing at whole-school Assembly
Careers Day 2016
The Alumni Association Ltd Dinner

AA Ltd 2016-2017 AGM & Executive Committee

Grantham Scholars of the Year Award 2015-2016

ARCH Education: Mock Trial (Mar 19 and 20, 2016)

Amity Walk for the Living Water (Mar 5, 2016)

AA Ltd "Year of the Monkey Outing"

AA Ltd Annual Dinner 2015

Careers Day 2015

Pre DSE Release 27062015 Morn

Therapies Talk (2015)

Alumni mentorship for F6 (2014-15)

Amity Walk 2015

AA dinner (2014-15)

AGM on Sept 27, 2014

AA Ltd Annual Dinner 2014

Careers Day 2014

Career Day (2013-14)

Lunch biding retiring teachers farewell (2013-14)

Amity Walk 2013

Alumni at Annual Staff Lunch July 10 2015

Alumni meeting retired teachers at HSC

First Alumni High Table on Oct 26, 2018

  • Chinese Calligraphy Sharing (以書法會友)

    Chinese calligraphy is an art with an illustrious tradition, as old as the culture itself. On 29th April, 2024, two alumni skilled in this art form, Dr PONG Cheuk Wah and Mr Matthew CHAN (AA Vice-chairman) returned to TST andRead More »
  • Principal Wang’s Farewell Dinner

    Our outgoing Principal, Mr. Jaxon Wang, has made great contributions and attained substantial achievements for our school during his tenure. In order to express our gratitude to Principal Wang, the Alumni Association will host a Farewell Dinner in July, 2024.Read More »
  • Dialogues with Accomplished Alumni (8 April, 2024)

    Dialogues with Accomplished Alumni (8 April, 2024)

    Many thanks to Mr. Ron CHAN Long Huen, an experienced pilot of easyJet, for sharing with our students his passion for aeronautics and his experiences as a pilot on 8 April 2024. The participating students gained valuable insights from hisRead More »