Chinese calligraphy is an art with an illustrious tradition, as old as the culture itself. On 29th April, 2024, two alumni skilled in this art form, Dr PONG Cheuk Wah and Mr Matthew CHAN (AA Vice-chairman) returned to TST and conducted a Chinese calligraphy workshop. The workshop was organised by the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society as a follow-up event to the Chinese Culture Day held in early April.

During the event, the alumni shared their experiences in learning Chinese calligraphy and gave an introduction to the development of this art form. Participants, including teachers and students, engaged in a fruitful discussion on this unique form of art, practised strokes and characters, and created their own art works on paper folding fans. The event was well-received among the participants, showing enthusiasm about similar workshops in the future.

The AA hereby extends heartfelt gratitude to Dr PONG Cheuk Wah and Mr Matthew CHAN, as well as the attending teachers and students for their assistance and participation.

From left (Front row): Mrs TAM, Ms HO, Mr Matthew CHAN, Dr PONG Cheuk Wah, Ms Wong, Ms FAN, Ms PANG
Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society Committee Members and interested students at the back
Alumni and teachers showing their works
Chinese Calligraphy Sharing (以書法會友)