Mentoring on Architecture by alumnus Ron Leun Wai Leung

Date:9 May, 2009

Mentees: 7C Kam Yun Wai Eddie, Choi Ka Wing Karen, Ng Yuen Yung



When I first saw Ron, I saw him as a stylish man wearing jeans and a plain black shirt. He matches our general impression of architects: stylish and smart. However, though being cool is probably one of the many reasons why people want to study Architecture in university, this profession is not just simply and solely about appearances (of buildings). On 9/5/09, we were very lucky to have Ron, our alumnus as well as an architect, giving us an inspiring and joyful sharing about the undergraduate life and the career life of architects.


Are architects all very good at drawing and doing maths? I am sure you will be as stunned as we were when Ron said NO! Actually, according to Ron, it is your personality that matters. The stress and tension of studying Architecture is certainly unbearable for frail and indifferent people. For instance, Ron mentioned that he had to wake up at 3 a.m. in order to fetch a school computer for his homework, and this inhumane life lasted for more than one month. Besides, there was never adequate time for doing projects. So studying architecture is really tough, like having no sleep and no social life.


Although the undergraduate life appears to be unbearable, Ron seems to enjoy reminiscing the old times. He gratefully said that he received holistic education in the university, which made him an all-rounded and worldly-wise person. Apart from the design of the appearance of a building, undergraduates also learn “Fung Shui” as a science, interior design, surveying, urban planning, landscaping etc. in the three years of bachelor degree. Therefore, your horizon will definitely be broadened as you can explore different fields. To top that, your sense of Arts will be gradually built, and this ability to appreciate beauty will always be useful in all art-related vocations. For those whose career pursuit is in architecture, they will need to further their studies for two more years for a master degree before they can get the professional qualifications.


Last but not least, we would like to thank Ron for his mentoring. It has been a very delightful sharing and more importantly, it consolidates our aspirations to become architects, and enrich our knowledge and understanding in Architecture. Chatting with Ron is such a pleasurable and inspiring experience that two hours seemed to fly by. We look forward to our next gathering with Ron!


Ron’s tips for university interviews for Architecture Studies

²         First impression matters. Be punctual and look confident.

²         Dress code: smart casual. No need to wear formal suit but still has to respect the event. Wear something that can show your character. (Like a shirt with sharp color contrasted to blazer)

²         Interviewers want to pick people whose personalities are suitable for Architecture. You are not expected to have very deep knowledge about Architecture. So it will be pretentious to gush out professional words. You just have to look confident and believe in yourself.

²         A Portfolio is not a necessity but it could add weight to your interview if you are asked to show it.

²         Anything about Art can be included in the portfolio (an advertisement you like, pictures you take, your drawings). Best to have something about architecture included (pictures of your favorite buildings).

²         Prepare the question “Why do you choose Architecture Studies?” and “Which is your favorite building?” Be prepared in case you are asked to briefly draw your favorite building.

²         Bring along a simple-designed pen with you in your pocket.


Mentoring on Architecture
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