The AGM of SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School Alumni Association Ltd was held on Sept 27, 2014 with the alumni present passing the Annual Report and the Financial Report.

The new Executive Committee with its 11 members was formed. Here they are:

Alumni Association Ltd 2014-15 Executive Committee 
No. Eng Name Chi Name Title Last School Year Attended
1 Wan Sai Man, Simon 尹世民 Chairperson 1987
2 Wong Tsan, Cliff 黃贊 Vice-Chairperson 1983
3 Wong Yue Hon, Michael 黃宇翰 Vice-Chairperson 1998
4 Fan Shiu Pong, Damon 范兆邦 Vice-Chairperson 2000
5 Yip Sze Chung 葉思聰 Treasurer 1988
6 Ko Suk Wa 高淑華 Committee Member 1983
7 Cheung Man Hin, German 張文軒 Committee Member 1992
8 Lam Kiu Yan, Jackie 林喬茵 Committee Member 1999
9 Lee Siu Wah 李兆華 Committee Member 1993
10 Lau Kwun Shing, Chris 劉觀成 Committee Member 2014
11 Ngai Hin Yan, Ruby 魏衍欣 Committee Member 2014

AA Ex Co 2014_15 with teacher advisors
The new Executive Committee  with its 11 members take photos with 3 teacher advisors.

The 4 core members (1 Chairman & 3 Vice-Chairmen) giving a speech to other alumni .

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AGM on Sept 27, 2014