The third Alumni High Table, organized by the SKHTST Career and Life Planning (CLP) Team in collaboration with the Alumni Association (AA) Ltd and the Staff Development Team, was held on March 16, 2019.


The Alumni High Table aims to bond alumni of different years, all current teachers and F5 students. Response from different parties was encouraging, with 106 participants [29 alumni, 20 current staff members and 57 students] attending the third Alumni High Table.


Alumnus Mr. Koo Sing Fai, Kenny (CEO of a telecommunications company), Mr. Leung Tak Wing, Henry (Director at a financial services company) and Mr. Lam Kwok Fung, Spencer (CIO of digital transformation for a comprehensive property company) were invited to share their insights of “Entrepreneurship” in the panel discussion. Following that was high tea time when alumni, teachers & F5 students got to know one another.


Alumni Mingling before the High Table


Panel Discussion

Mr. Koo Sing Fai, Kenny


Mr. Leung Tak Wing, Henry


Mr. Lam Kwok Fung, Spencer



Group Photos

Alumni, former and current staff


Alumni Cheung Mei Mei
Alumni Chow Wing Kei, Chris
Alumni Spencer Lam
School Chaplain Woo Wai Ki
Principal Wang Yu Tai Jaxon
Student Gu Lok Tin
Student Law Cheuk Him
Student (CA) Tam Pui Yu


Alumni Ho Sing Yi
Alumni Koo Sing Fai, Kenny
Teacher Ma Wing Ki
Student Chiu Nok Him
Student Fok Kam Pong
Student Ip King Chi
Student Ki Chun Him
Student (CA) Au Heung Tung
Student (CA) Mak Ho Lam


Alumni Choi Wing Hei Raymond
Alumni Henry Leung
Vice-Principal Tam Leung Yen Ying
Student (CA) Li Shing Yick
Student Kan Ho Long
Student Yu Kam Hei Thomas


Alumni Ko Suk Wa
Alumni Mak Chung Hong
Teacher Tse Pik Yuk
Teacher Wong Yuen Kwan
Student Li Ming Chun
Student Lui Chin Wai
Student Tsoi Yam Kin


Alumni Justina Cheung
Teacher Ng Kwok Wai
Student Cheung Yuk Yan
Student Chu Lai Ming
Student Jiang Su
Student Lai Wing Yee


Alumni Wong Ka Yiu
Teacher SUNG Sze Man
Student Chan Yu Hin
Student Fung Sze Wan
Student Ho Ching Yin
Student (CA) Chow Wai Kwan



Alumni Chan Fung May
Alumni Lau Wing Tung
Teacher WONG Wai Shan
Student Ng Cheuk Yan
Student Wong Hiu Ying
Student Yau Shuk Man
Student Yau Yi Lam
Student (ITP) Chang Chin Yui

Alumni Wan Pui Hin
Alumni Ying Hei Wang
Teacher Lau Wai Fung
Teacher Tong Sai Ho
Student Chung Wing Tung
Student Lau Yi Ting
Student Lo Ying Tung


Alumni Tsang Cheuk Fung Gordon
Alumni Wong Chi Ho
Teacher Kong Man Yee Resame
Teacher Ng Cheuk Yin
Student Lau Tsz Chun
Student Ng Hon Chi
Student So Chin Pang
Student Yip Tsz Hin


Alumni Fu Man Ying Esther
Alumni Leung Wing Kin Lawrence
Alumni Yip Wan Ting Wendy
Teacher Yam Lok Ting
Student Tong Tsz Ching
Student Tsoi Hiu Man
Student Wong Sau Kuen
Student Wong Wan Yin
Student Woo Sze Lam


Alumni Chan Kwan Yim
Alumni Cheng Sam Yuet
Teacher Leung Yee Wai
Student Ho Wing Tong
Student Hui Ka Yan
Student (CA) Lo Yi


Alumni Fung Cheuk Man
Alumni Law Wan Chi
Alumni Vong Chun Yin Aaron
Teacher Wong Ming Kit Maggy
Student Lai Hei Lam
Student Leung Yee Ching
Student (CA) Tang Hoi Tung, Yoyo


Alumni Wan Ka Shing
Alumni Yim Chun Pang
Teacher Law Kam Fai
Teacher Shum Kam Wa
Student Chan Angus
Student Chan Chin Hung
Student Chan Yin Kwan
Student Cheung Wai Hin


Alumni Tang Hei Nam
Alumni Yip Sze Chung
Teacher Chung Koon Fung
Student Lam Yin Yin
Student Lam Ying Wai
Student (CA) Lau Chung Hin
Student (CA) Tang Hoi Ching
Student (CA) Tsoi Tsz Ying
Student (CA) Yeung Sin Yu


Donations for the third High Table:

Donors Amount (HKD)
Chow Wing Kei, Chris 1,000
Koo Sing Fai, Kenny 3,000
Lam Kwok Fung Spencer 3,000
Leung Tak Wing Henry 2,000
Lung Hoi Yan, Connie 1,000
Isabelle cookies 200 boxes


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Third Alumni High Table on Mar 16, 2019
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