It was our great honour to have Mr. Cliff Wong Tsan as our guest. Mr. Wong, who is the principal of Hong Kong Fencing School, shared with our students his passion for fencing and his career path as a fencing coach. Before the sharing session, participating students did online research on the career pathway of Mr. Wong and prepared questions. Our students gained valuable insights into the strategies to cope with life and career challenges from Mr Wong’s engaging presentation.

Principal Wang presented a souvenir flag to our alumnus, Mr Cliff Wong.

Below are the insights shared by some participants:

5A Cheung Huen Wai Everything is possible. I was genuinely impressed by the talk given by Mr. Wong. If you are interested in doing something, do not hesitate and just do it! No one knows what will happen next. Give it a try and you will have no  regrets.
5B Wong Chin Fung In the sharing session, Mr. Wong talked about the challenges he experienced during the pandemic. He stayed positive and finally got through the difficult days. I have learnt that no matter what I am doing, it is important to be positive. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Wong for his inspiring sharing.
5C Cheung Chung Yin Mr. Wong’s passion for fencing has inspired me the most. I have learnt that, to maintain your interest in a sport, it is important to have fun and enjoy the experience and this is the key to keeping your passion in something.
5D Chan Nok Yiu Through this sharing session, I have learnt that we should try out the things we have a genuine interest in. As we know, opportunity seldom knocks twice. We should grab the golden opportunity and show the best of ourselves. Then   we will not regret not having put in all our efforts and we will have tried our best.
5D Chong Yin Kiu From the career pathway of Mr. Wong, I have learnt that it’s not a bad thing to give up something for an interest you are really into. Instead, it may be a turning point to open up a new path.
5D Lau Chi Hin The positivity of Mr. Wong really inspired me. With his positive attitude, Mr. Wong dared to pursue his dream. I have learnt the importance of getting a good understanding of the situation when we experience an ordeal. Then, we can tackle the problem at its root.
5D Fung Tsun Nok Having a dialogue with Mr. Wong was a treat for me. Taking a step into the unknown is daunting as you are uncertain whether you will succeed or not. Nonetheless, staying still can’t bring you glory. It is a leap of faith you have to take.
5E Chong Ming Ho I am really inspired by Mr. Wong’s dedication to promoting fencing in Hong Kong. Though being adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, he has never given up. Perseverance is the key to his success.
5E Ip Ka Yan Mr. Wong shared with us why he chose to be a fencing coach rather than an athlete in order to nurture more young talents. From his sharing, I learnt that it is important to get to know our own ability and values if we want to realize our potential to the full.


Dialogues with Accomplished Alumni (27 September, 2021)